Personal Effectiveness and Resiliency Management

Pressure and stress is part of life and work. The level of stress and an individual's resiliency determine our ability to cope. This makes the difference between stress having a positive or a negative impact on an individual and the workplace. What does your organisation need? 

Stress Management & Resiliency Management Programmes

Working with groups of up to 12, this highly interactive AHR seminar focuses on identifying what is stress, exploring individual stress levels and developing practical coping strategies. Participants are provided with a Stress Pack which includes an information booklet, an individualised Stress-Map, and a relaxation CD.

Individualised Stress Management Programme

Working with an individual on a one-to-one basis, our programme enables the person to identify how they respond to stress and provides coping strategies to enable them to deal with their own stress levels.

With appropriate stress management techniques in place, your employees will learn how to better manage their own stress while carrying out a stress audit and training will help to positively manage stress within your organisation. Are you worried about the stress levels in your workforce?

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