Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

People create business value. When something is wrong with your people your business suffers.

AHR provides meaningful support at a time when your employees need it the most.


We are a practice led service which means that each EAP programme is designed, led and delivered by a full-time team of Occupational Health Psychologists and Counsellors, experienced in dealing with a wide range of personal and work related problems.

By not outsourcing our programmes you will always

PERSONAL                                                             WORK RELATED

  • Relationships                                                


Meaningful Support

By working with some of Ireland's leading Counsellors and Psychologists, whose therapeutic skills are second to none, we ensure that your people receive the best possible support leading to more effective clinical outcomes.

We support employees with issues which


Organisational Wellbeing

As a workplace system, our EAP service is designed to improve the overall wellbeing of the organisation as well as meeting with the support needs of the individual employee.

  • Quarterly activity report
  • Annual utilisation report
  • Direct referral from OH
  • Procedural/ managerial reports from HR
  • Line manager consult