Crisis Management - professional, experienced supports for organisations and people

Everyone is impacted by a crisis. Work-place accidents and fatalities, armed raids and assaults, fires, kidnappings, and other crisis situations have immediate and potential long-term consequences, not just for the people involved but for the organization as a whole. It is essential that you have an appropriate crisis management system. An experienced team in place who can provide immediate, practical support to help contain the potential impact of the crisis is the solution. 

We have the experience to support your organization and employees through any crisis. 

  • At an organizational level we assist both the Leadership Team and Line Management in effectively responding to the immediate needs of employees, family and community 
  • At an individual level - our team of counsellors provide appropriate therapeutic support to individuals and groups within the organisation affected by a crisis through appropriate counseling or group counselling.

Early intervention from professionals like AHR minimises the degree of damage experienced by the organisation and helps to prevent the development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among your employees.

We provide pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis management services, which in practice means dealing with individual and group difficulties with the aim of stabilizing the working environment.

Following a traumatic incident, we provide immediate professional support including on-site intervention and assessment, specialized briefing for managers and counselling where appropriate.

Such an integrated response ensures that all aspects of the potential impact of the incident are addressed.

Crisis Intervention Programme includes:

  • An on-call Crisis Management Service – AHR is immediately available to guide you in managing all aspects of a critical incident within your organisation
  • Consultancy to Management teams in managing the impact of a work-place crisis
  • A trained practitioner works with groups of staff in dealing with the impact of the incident
  • Individual crisis counselling is provided to those who need it
  • Formulation of policies and procedures for integration into Safety Statements, SOPs, HR Policies & Procedures.

Being prepared makes all the difference. AHR has handled a range of critical incidents for clients including sudden death in the workplace; serious accidents; colleague suicide and armed robbery.

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