Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

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Absenteeism and poor work performance are often rooted in problems of a personal nature, for example, alcohol or drug abuse, relationship difficulties, gambling, burn-out, bereavement, financial pressures and other personal or family difficulties.

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers confidential support to your staff to assist them in dealing with any issue that is having a serious impact on their health, well-being, personal and work life. You may already have an EAP but is it meeting all your needs and are you getting good feedback from staff?

Our Practitioner-led service provides a range of confidential counselling and employee supports, as well as advice to management on handling sensitive issues. It is not an insurance-led EAP service.

All our Counsellors are based in Ireland and our Call Centre operates 24/7 to organise telephone, online or face-to-face support.

Each client's EAP:

  • Is designed specifically in accordance with your organisation's culture and structure and in keeping with the profile of your employee groups
  • Provides direct access for each employee via a dedicated free-phone EAP line
  • Is managed by a Counselling Psychologist providing both individuals and your organisation with appropriate professional support
  • Is designed to provide clear boundaries in relation to confidentiality to both the individual employee client and the organisation. 

Would you like to set-up an EAP or is it time to review yours?

Our practitioner-led service is hugely popular with clients, many of whom are with us for many years because their EAP, managed by AHR, has consistently responded and counselled employees' through a range of issues and is greatly valued amongst their staff.

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