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Our EAP and Wellbeing at Work services enable you to provide the support and care that your employees need in dealing with work and life challenges. As a practitioner-led service, you are assured of qualified and experienced support. Join leading organisations who are effectively managing individual and organisational wellbeing today. 

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Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Absenteeism and poor work performance are often rooted in problems of a personal nature, for example, alcohol or drug abuse, relationship difficulties, gambling, burn-out, bereavement, financial pressures and other personal or family difficulties. » read more

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Wellbeing at Work

Our new website provides supports and interventions which enhance the wellbeing and effectiveness of individuals and organisations. » read more


Supports you can give

We enable you to provide the supports your employees need, exactly when they need it. » read more

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Return to Work Programme

"For me one of the hardest parts was returning to work after I had been absent due to my depression. I kept wondering what people would think of me, and for the first few days it was very awkward. People were kind but none of us really knew how to deal with the situation. I was so afraid that my illness would return and that this time my employer wouldn't be so understanding." Conor » read more

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Personal Effectiveness and Resiliency Management

Pressure and stress is part of life and work. » read more

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Crisis Management

Everyone is impacted by a crisis. Work-place accidents and fatalities, armed raids and assaults, fires, kidnappings, and other crisis situations have immediate and potential long-term consequences, not just for the people involved but for the organization as a whole. » read more

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Training and Consulting

AHR provides a range of training and consultancy services that develop and build the health and well-being of your organisation and its people. » read more

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Drugs & Alcohol Programmes

Recent changes in Safety & Health legislation – the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 – has brought the issue of drugs and alcohol addiction into focus in the workplace. » read more

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